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Robin Karlsson - Weapons & Vehicle 3D Artist


  • Modeling: Hard surface subdivision polymodeling, sculpting and lowpoly modeling
  • Baking: Highpoly to lowpoly texture baking
  • Texturing: Stylized and realistic texturing utilizing either PBR or non-PBR workflows


  • Modeling: Blender, Maya, World Machine and ZBrush
  • Texturing: Gimp, Handplane, nDo2, Photoshop, Substance Painter and xNormal
  • Game Engines: Id Tech 4, Unity and Unreal Development Kit (UDK)
  • Programming: C++, C#, HLSL, Java, Python, Visual Basic and Visual Studio


Amalgamation Polyhedron 2012-2013

A free space-shooter indie game project I was a part of. I was the lead 3D artist where I did modeling, baking and texture-painting of vehicles, weapons and environments.

Vikingr Untitled studio 2011-2012

A cancelled third person shooter indie game centred around norse mythology. I was the lead 3D artist where I did modeling, baking and texture-painting of characters, weapons, environments and props. I was also responsible for setting up the 3D art pipelines.

The Dark Mod Broken Glass Studios 2010-2011

A free ID Tech 4 first person stealth game. I contributed with modeling, baked textures and texture painting for prop models to be used by the level designers and environment artists.


Blekinge Institute of Technology 2010-2013
Technical Artist for Games (BS in Digital Games Development)

Hässleholms School of Technology 2008-2010


Swedish is my native tongue, I speak that and English fluently. In addition to those I also have a limited understanding of Danish.

Lastly I also have a Swedish drivers license (B level).